The boys completed some experiments from their solar energy kit this morning with the help of their Papa. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  It worked out well since I really needed to go to the market for some vegetables and meat. The boys completed three different experiments dealing with reflecting light to heat a thermometer, what effect heat has on water, and effects of heat on various metals. Greyson, the youngest, enjoyed a personal tutoring time on how to read a thermometer.

I’m really excited about their science work with their father. It gives me a break! It gives the boys quality time with their father. It gives Byron a chance to interact with them and share about things that he knows much better than I. Byron taught science at the missionary academy in Fortaleza several years.

Next week we have the first in a long series of weekend retreats on the island.   Our schedule is really filling up.  Right now we have two per month until the end of the year.  It’s always a hard task to decide how much school work to drag along. More on that later!