There is a strong possibility that the little weatherpixie man is dead.  The crab died in the aquarium yesterday.  Dalton finally got around to getting it out today.  We are sorry, little crab.  We did try to help you with your missing claw. 

Getting back to the weather man.  The website indicated that some cities just don’t update their information often enough making you think that nothing is happening with your pixie.  That’s what I’m thinking, nothing is happening.  Another strong possibility is that the weather never changes here and if and when it ever does that’s when they send an update to pixie land.  I’m going to give it another few days or so and then switch to a larger city and see if we get some results.

I tried one of those weather calendars for classrooms with the boys when they were little and we lived in Fortaleza, Ceara.  We got bored quickly.  Every day was the same – hot and muggy.  In the rainy season it changed a little to – scattered showers and hot and muggy.  Here in Sobradinho they don’t give local weather reports.  If they did they would go something like this – dry and hot, windy and hot, no wind and hot.  Sometimes it is cool when it’s really windy.  Once or twice a year it actually rains.  So we don’t study the local weather.