Greyson’s Science Report for Papa

1. We put a thermometer in the shade and a mirror to reflect the sun on the thermometer. First we got 26 C at 9:09 a.m. William has the other times. We learned you can reflect the sun. Then we went back at other times to look at the temperature.

2. Second we used a test tube with a balloon. When you put it in hot water it popped up. In cold water, it sunk in because when things get cold they go down.

3. We got a candle and put the fire of the candle on copper wire. It moved a pin on cardboard because heat on metal expands. Then we used a steel wire. It expanded, too, but it took longer. We had to use 2 candle – a white one and a short one. Then we used a tube of aluminum. It expanded, too, but took a little longer.

Extra: Papa helped me learn about temperatures, how to read them.