This next weekend is 7 of September, Brazilian Independence Day.  A church group will be going out to the island camp for a retreat.  We will have school on Monday since it’s not a holiday here, Tuesday, and on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday we’ll take for our holiday.  Thursday we go out to the island to help get things ready and Friday the campers arrive.

It’s always a toss-up for me trying to decide what to do when retreats interfere with our school schedule.  We can only miss so many days and still fulfill the necessary 4 periods of nine weeks each making for 180 school days per year.  Once an older missionary told me not to long after coming to Bahia that I shouldn’t worry about all that too much.  He said that my boys would be getting the education of lifetime in just spending time on the island.  That is true, but I still count the days!

Here’s a list of neat things that boys can learn from being on a tropical island:

  1. Identify poisonous from non-poisonous snakes.  (Sorry Mom, there are a few).
  2. Kayaking and sailing.  (The two older boys have gone from the dam to the island with Byron in a small sailboat).
  3. Piloting the boat and reading a GPS.
  4. Navigating at night by stars and known lights.
  5. Blazing a trail and guiding others.
  6. Herding sheep and cattle.
  7. Sorting onions.
  8. Catching and riding horses and donkeys.
  9. Washing dishes and helping in the kitchen.
  10. Cleaning bathrooms and working in the canteen (counting money and giving change).
  11. Taking care of equipment (how to cut off and turn on the generator, water pump, etc.).  Building retaining walls.
  12. Fishing for pirana and other fish (how to watch your fingers).
  13. Identifying crystals and gemstones.
  14. Identifying stars and constellations.
  15. Building a good fire.

I may have left out a few things.  Going to the island is a boys’ dream vacation.  I’m glad our boys don’t mind the work part too much.  They help a lot in all areas of the camp ministry and church ministry as well. 

We’ll be back next week, same time, same channel!

Greyson with Campers