Greyson working on musicWilliam, Dalton and Greyson are helping Byron put lyrics and midi files into a karoke type music program that is being used to project the words of hymns from the Cantor Cristão with a video projector at church. The program also plays the hymns with an introduction for us to sing along. Few people in churches have hymnbooks anymore since they are not being published right now. This particular hymnbook was widely used and published by the SBC here in Brazil. Many churches just don’t sing hymns anymore preferring choruses. Byron and I feel that the good old hymns are still just that "good," and we want to use them at church. Byron plays the guitar, but finds it hard to play for a whole service at church and do the preaching as well.

Helping Papa with this music program has been a great experience for the boys. Greyson is picking up more and more Portuguese words as he becomes more literate in the language, as well as learning about notes and note values. William and Dalton have learned how to scan the hymns and about editing the music and words. Byron made the program using bits and pieces of others that he liked and incorporating some of his own ideas.

Now on Sunday nights we use the video projector, a laptop, and a wireless keyboard during our music service. Sunday nights are the big worship service time here. Each boy has a responsibility. One has to take the laptop, one the keyboard, and one takes the projector. The boys then set everything up and give it a run through to make sure it’s all working properly. On Sunday afternoons, William or Dalton or sometimes both are choosing the hymns to be played and saving that information for the evening service’s playlist.

Pretty neat!