Greyson with new friends.

Greyson and I taped some small American flags to the glass doors on the front of our house this morning. I reminded the boys about what is important about today and we talked some about it. William remembers a little more than the others, especially since he was going to Fortaleza Academy at the time, an American MK school in the state of Ceará.

I remember where I was when the towers were being hit. We were living on Santa Constancia in Fortaleza at the time. An older man in our church called me on the phone and asked me if I knew what was happening. I replied, What? He said I should get off the phone and sit down in front of the television. He made sure that I promised to sit down and do it right then. For days people who hardly knew us would stop us on the street and ask caringly if any of our family had been injured or involved. Neighbors with satellite tv invited us over to watch news broadcasts in English. Today we pause and remember once again, praying for the Lord’s swift return for His own.

Our American symbols studies are continuing. We studied about the Statue of Liberty last week before camp. This particular retreat included lots of people who had never met us before. So there were lots of where do you go to school questions and how can you do that (studying at home is not allowed here). We were all able to explain why we believe in homeschooling and why we think it is good.

William helped washed dishes during this weekend’s retreat. The pastor had originally estimated that 40 people would be coming. Then the number was increased to 80 early in the week. On Friday 130 people climbed on board the boat with luggage and food stuffs. We washed over 840 plates, cups, knives, spoons, and forks during the course of the Friday, Saturday, Sunday retreat. Dalton helped with luggage and trash runs with Papa who drives the tractor. Greyson had a great time playing with all the boys and girls and went along to the far side of the island to Crystal Beach one afternoon with the new caretaker and a small group on the donkey cart. In fact I hardly saw him during the whole retreat. I was a little worried at first, then realized he had been lovingly "adopted" by a family who had a boy about the same age. He played and played with that little boy and had a great time.

This week we are hitting the essentials and trying to get caught back up! Retreats are fun, but live must go on.