Every Thursday is creative writing day. Every Zaner-Bloser spelling lesson has a writing activity during the week. Once a month we are doing something a little different involving poetry. Today we learned about cinquain poetry. Of course, one child had to ask the inevitable "Why do we have to do this?" question. But we managed to suffer through with little pain. Each line can only have so many syllables and must follow the given pattern. Below are the creations of each child. See if you can guess who did which one! William is the oldest. Dalton is 10. Greyson is 7. I did one, too, and posted it on my Yahoo!360 blog.


Incredible, Great

soaring, running, walking

They are absolutely awesome



yummy, bubbly

chewing, popping, spitting

It is good for blowing bubbles

Bubble gum



flying, fishing, hunting

He is the greatest fish hunter

Bald Eagle