Good Tuesday Morning,

I’m entering a contest with the Homeschoolblogger Front Porch to win some books for the boys.  To do so each one has to post an entry about the contest in his or her blog.  The contest is for a set of Terrestria Chronicles, a seven volume allegory set.

Here’s the required paragraph I’m to post to win the books!

Enter to win the complete set of
Terrestria Chronicles
on the
HSB Company Porch!

Best wishes for me and the boys! 

We have another retreat this weekend, but I won’t be involved in the kitchen so we get to take some school work along!  The boys are so happy about that!  Today we are enjoying a "Papa went to Petrolina, so we can play lots of computer games" day.  As soon as everyone is finished with their morning school work they can play  Sim City or Age of the Empires or Carnivores or Star Wars:  Rogue Squadron or just plain old Frogger.    Sim City and Age of the Empires are actually quite educational.  I’m not so sure about Frogger!