Greyson is in the orange shirt in the middle


The Island is a great place.  We’re off again for a retreat with students from the Regular Baptist Seminary of Ceara.  Remember us in your prayers for safety and spiritual decisions on the part of the campers.  We crammed in Math work this morning and have our school books all packed to go!

Making new friends on the island

 It’s a great place to make friends – human and canine.

Going fishing with sr. Ronner

It’s great for fishing for pirana and peacock bass.

New air pellet gun


A new thing that Byron added to the island repertoire this past week is a air pellet gun.  The boys are enjoying learning about gun safety and proper usage.  Byron’s father and mother were both shooters.  Byron’s glad to finally be able to share this part of his heritage with his boys.  Most firearms are illegal in Brazil, so we were glad to find this legal gun as an alternative.  Next time we’re in the States the boys will be old enough to do some real hunting!