Wow, I actually am home on a Friday (10/5) and not lost on a desert (camp) island!  It’s a miracle.  Three weekend retreats in September were too much for me.  I feel worn out, run out, and just plain out.  We were even so out of groceries when we got in on Monday, I didn’t know what to do.  I have to be better prepared for the return after retreats as I try to be in the going.  Next trip out I want to already have something in the freezer ready to warm up for the first two days. 


This morning the boys finished their work quickly and I sat down to go over their books and make plans for this next week.  That’s what I’m supposed to do every Friday morning, but I must admit it just hasn’t been happening with all the camps.  This month won’t be so bad and thankfully I have nothing to do with the kitchen for either of this month’s groups.  Next month I will have to be responsible for purchasing for one group and be in charge of the canteen.  My usual job during retreats is taking pictures for the website.  I’ve been taking 150+ each weekend.


It’s a good feeling to know that this next week’s school work is all mapped out.  It makes for happier boys and a happier mother.  When I’m happy, usually my boys are, and vice versa.