Well I’m sorry Granny, but the truth of the matter is that your son (father of my children) must come from a long line of hoarders. Just in case you weren’t aware. The boys have learned a way to take advantage of this fine trait and earn a little money in the bargain – recycling! In Brazil I don’t know of any city with curbside recycling. There just might be one somewhere, I just don’t know about it. I have seen places at big malls to put your drink cans and separate trash, but it’s rare. What is common is this – men and boys with carts in the big cities who go house to house asking for any thing recycleable. They in turn take it to a "junk man" who gives them a little change for it. He in turn sells it for recycling.

Last year Byron suggested that the boys should consider a way to make a little pocket change. Several possibilities were discussed. Boys in Brazil don’t usually go around looking for ways to make a little money. Parents just give it if they have it and feel it’s not acceptable to go around looking for yards to mow or odd jobs unless you’re really dirt poor. It’s considered close to begging and just not culturally acceptable. In thinking over the situation we thought about the 2 liter soda bottles and drink cans that were just going to the trash site on the island. One church group we knew in Petrolina was collecting things like this as a way to earn money for a missionary project. So the boys started getting the bottles and cans together after retreats. It didn’t bring in the big bucks for which they had hoped.

So they began to look for old steel wherever we went. We were going to two different fishing villages on Saturdays at the time. They were dumpy places with trash everywhere. The boys just started picking up recycleable metals from the ground and throwing them in the back of the truck. A boy from church went with us a lot and he started helping (much to his mother’s concern that her son was a trash picker). Other church kids would go with us and they would pick up things, too. On the island the boys discovered that there were lots of good things lying around at the dump area. They picked up that. They got the three little girls that were living on the island involved. They weren’t quite as energetic as the boys, but they did help a little.

Today they got all the "junk" off the porch. It was looking just a little wild. Byron hauled it off to the man to sell. I wonder how much they got?