What an incredible surprise awaited us when we returned weary and worn from an island retreat last night!  As we were bringing in our baggage and I was thinking about what to have for supper, I saw something green move inside the old glass iguana cage still sitting on our porch.  When the iguanas were small and we still had two, they lived in a glass "house."  No, we didn’t let them throw stones.  After they were larger we moved them into an old bird cage which was larger.  Once they both escaped, but one came back.  Not too long ago, the last one ran off, and we thought that was that as it’s been several weeks.  Now back to the story, I looked to the side and thought I saw something green in the old glass house.  It was an iguana!  But it looked so big, and how did it get in there?  I called the boys who all came running.  Sure enough, it was Motor, their iguana.  But once again, how?

I called the girl that works for us and feeds the animals when we’re away.  I couldn’t believe that she had been brave enough to catch it.  She could hardly stand to open the lid to feed them!  She related that as she was locking the door to go home that very morning, she saw the iguana on the front lawn.  She didn’t know what to do at first, but she knew how happy the boys would be if she could catch it.  She said she decided to keep talking nicely to it while she decided on a plan!  That’s when she remember the old glass cage.  She picked it up and laid it down on its side close to the iguana keeping the lid in her hand.  Then she kept talking and gently shooed it into the cage putting the lid on quickly when it crawled in.  Then she rewarded him with lots of lettuce.  I was very proud of her.

We wondered if the iguana wasn’t somewhere nearby.  They are territorial and we have seen a large, wild iguana from time to time in our big castanha tree in the front yard.  Everyone figures Motor must have been living in the tree all this time and got hungry for fresh lettuce.  He’s back.  I guess will keep him.  At least know we know for sure he can survive in the wild as one day he may have to go back to the island.


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P.S.  The boys saw four large iguanas in a tree near our camp cabin on the island this weekend!