I recently read about "Green Hour" sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation.  You can check it out on www.greenhour.org  Basically it encourages people to get their kids out of the house and out in the open to play.  I found it a little funny and very encouraging to me.  My boys spend hours and hours every week out in the great wide open spaces.  Right now they are down at the lake swimming while Byron works on the camp boat.  Just before that they were following the tracks of the iguana (it escaped again) to the base of the big tree in our front yard.  Up they went to try and find him.  They didn’t, but he’s up there.  His tracks lead right to the tree.  How do they know how to track things?  I taught them to follow tracks of things on the island including each others shoe prints to see where someone has gone.  Came in handy the other day when William and I were in the middle of the island wondering which trail to take.  We saw the caretaker’s fresh flip flop prints and followed them back to the main path.

Well, now I know why my children are so exceptional.  There is one little problem.  It’s not very green in Northeast Brazil.  It hardly ever rains.  Maybe we could call outside time – Khaki hour?


Boys riding horses on the island this week.  After Dalton helped Greyson he got on the little donkey with a saddle.  All three were riding at the same time in the great outdoors. 

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