We are home again.  And plan to be for a few days anyway.  Our last retreat for a while was this past weekend.  School on the island wasn’t so bad during this retreat.  Remember it’s often like trying to have school while sitting in the middle of Disneyland! 

I had an entry for both of the older boys recently and this one is all about Greyson.  I’m working on an entry about "Gardens" for my personal blog and was thinking about how much my little sprout has grown this year.  Here’s a list of neat, big boy things he did this weekend at the retreat.

  1. Got in line to get his food at all the meals without being told.
  2. Brought me my plate several times since I was working in the canteen.
  3. Helped in the canteen.
  4. Walked to the far end of the island and back without too much whining about how far it was.
  5. Went to bed when told.
  6. Helped get to together pop bottles for recycling.
  7. Practiced his recorder (flute) several times without being told.

He did a few "little boy" things, but we won’t mention those here.  He’s looking just too cute these days with his one front tooth missing.  He read an entire verse with no mistakes in Portuguese at church on Sunday night with a little whistle through his teeth.  This made me incredibly happy.  I thought I would never see him read in English, much less in Portuguese.  We have finally arrived to the point at which I wanted to be earlier this year before he had to take the SAT test at the MK school.  This week a letter arrived from Grandma Beckner and Greyson was able to read the whole letter with just a little help to figure out some of her handwriting.  I am  very thankful and hope he continues to zoom along in both languages.

This is my most very favorite picture of Greyson in the whole wide world.  It’s from last fall. I love you, Greyson!  And I know you love me since you show me everyday with all your hugs and kisses.

My Little Sprout