Remember our iguanas? There were two. One day they ran off. Several days later, one came back. Few months later that one escaped. Then he came back. We found out he was living in our big Castanha tree.

Well, he came back again this week. I saw him eating flowers on the side of our house and called William. He was much bigger and longer. He’d been growing. Which means he’s eating just fine. This was one of concerns about leaving him loose. William managed to catch him and decided to put him in the cage for a day or two.

In the time of this most recent "coming back," he got loose in the living room and I didn’t know. He was sitting on top of the DVD player in my entertainment center and I didn’t know. I reached in to get a DVD out of the machine and got a green tail instead and screamed bloody murder scaring the boys, the dogs, and the green iguana!

He’s loose again. After a few days in captivity he was looking a little weak and skinny. It was decided that the "wild" is better for wild animals. He’s back up in the nut tree and when we see him, we will smile and wave and be happy that’s he’s healthy and strong.