Tambaqui (cousin of Piranhas)

Recently after a very long wait, the boys received fishing reels from their Grandaddy in the USA.  Papa took them immediately to town to buy rods and thus began a new chapter in their lives – Gone Fishing!  I just loved that song on the old Thomas the Tank episode of the same name when the boys were little. 

This weekend at the Carnaval retreat Dalton reeled in a 3.2 kilogram (6 lbs. +) member of the piranha family and a smaller one of about 1.5 kg (3 lbs.) using only lures.  His pictured friend snagged the fish with Dalton’s reel but was too "chicken" to reel it in and to get it off the line.  You have to be careful getting piranhas off your hook or they will hook you!  The fish that got away was supposedly must larger and is now floating about with William’s best lure stuck in it’s belly.  Dalton was using the lure at the time.  Oops!  Guess he’ll have to buy William another. 

We had some quality school time on the island this weekend in the midst of fishing and campers.  During our last retreat I decided we should "retreat" to our cabin when it was time for school.  I had always stayed in the dining area where there are tables, but the traffic of campers was just too distracting.  Even though we were having school during their morning devotional service there was always a string of people going by for something or another.  The boys did well and worked hard on their preassigned "challenges" for the weekend.  Today I gave them time to finish up.  Tomorrow they will turn in all their work and have two days to finish their Scientific Nomenclature Lapbooks.