Recently I got out a big box of Crayola crayons that have been hiding in a storage box for sometime. Crayons aren’t very popular in Brazil. On a day like today with 100+ temperatures, maybe you can guess why! The big box of Crayolas is totally unknown to little kids around here. Greyson saw them the next day as we went into the school room and said, Wow! I’d forgotten about those. Then he asked if there was something for him to color today in his work. I went through a mental list of what he needed to do that day and responded that I didn’t think so. He seemed rather disappointed. His next comment was I’d sure like to color today with those crayons. I haven’t colored with crayons in a long, long time. I felt so bad for this little blonde headed boy. He’s so cute, God love him! Dalton took up the song and said, Yeah I’d like to color something, too. Except that his mind was already spinning with thoughts of – no math, no cursive, and no spelling – just coloring. I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time myself – no, I didn’t sit down to color with them. I changed the lesson plans for the day. I put in the Lyrical Life CD that we have been using and got out the creation science coloring books that we hadn’t looked at in a long time. And everyone colored. That’s all just colored. They talked about the songs. They sang them. They talked about the animals and other things in their books. They were good and nice to each other and I went out back to hang up that day’s laundry. And everyone was happy. They colored together for two hours without fighting and bickering. They went back after lunch and colored some more. Everyone was so happy… until the next morning when Greyson said, So, Can we color today, too! I said, Yes, all you want to, after school! And they did! I’ve been much more "on-task" since started my blog with HSB. I have been more organized and we’ve gotten much more done this year in comparison to others. But the great thing about being at home is that sometimes you can bend the rules and change your plans. I was glad that this change in the schedule worked out for everyone’s good.  I got my laundry hung out!  And a headstart on lunch for a change!