Yes, today seems like a Monday!  After a long, long day yesterday, today seems like the beginning of the week.  Granny Atha left on a jet plane yesterday at 6:15 am which means we had to leave the house around 4:30 am!  We haven’t heard if she made it all the way home yet.   We did a minimal amount of work today and will get back on task tomorrow.

Good things lately:

Greyson is reading much better!

William is moving along in his math!

Dalton is using more cursive, even if he doesn’t do it with a big smile!

I haven’t forgotten about posting excerpts from their travel journals.  The fishing trip had no pictures!  Dalton caught 7 fish that night and Uncle Tim got 7 as well!  Greyson got a good night’s sleep in the cabin of the boat, and William had lots of fun.  Papa was tired the next day. 

We are reading Otto of the Silver Hand right now as a bedtime book!