Here we are in week #4 before school gets out at the Atha School for Boys.  We are moving along in our end of the year work.  Not much to report here.  Boys are working hard on their final research project of the year on the topic on Ancient Civilizations.  Greyson narrowed his theme to Vikings.  Dalton is working on Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas.  William is working on Ancient Korea.  He’s very secretive about his work, so I guess the teacher will be in for a surprise.

Tomorrow the boys will be going for another moonlight pirana fishing trip with their missionary Uncle Tim.  Papa will be going along even though he doesn’t do much fishing, just riding along.  Mama will stay at home to wait for the troops to come in all fishy smelling and tired.

One more thing:  we are currently reading Julius Caesar by John Gunther as our bedtime story book.