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School starts at the Atha School for Boys bright and early on Monday morning.  Monday, the 11th of August!  Yes, it’s also someone’s birthday!  But they have been convinced to start school anyway and celebrate with no books to take to the island for the weekend (we have a retreat).

William is in 7th now, Dalton is in 6th, and Greyson will be doing 3rd grade work.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that they were all off to school in Reidsville during our last furlough with their painted lunchboxes!  Time flies!  Even if no one is having any fun.

We have our work cut out for us this year.  We are going to start work on Portuguese grammar.  We’ll be doing a unit study about famous Americans.  William is doing a notebooking project to continue his research about Ancient Korea and Greyson (he’s a little copy cat) is doing the same kind of project about Ancient Turks and Byzantines.  Dalton and all the boys have been tumbling lots of rocks lately much to our neighbors dismay (lots of clacking noises coming from the garage at all hours of day and night).

In December we will be heading for the States for a little while.  It’s furlough time!  It’s about time, too!  We’ve been in Brazil for five whole years!

That’s our news.  Stay tuned for more updates from the Atha School for Boys!