Last night was the best night to see the Perseid meteor shower.  Byron likes to sleep out in the open with the boys to watch the show until everyone gets really sleepy than wake up just before daylight when the most meteors can be seen and watch some more.  Last night Papa B. didn’t feel a whole lot like sleeping under the stars and went to bed in his own warm bed in the house while the boys were tucked away in their makeshift trailer/bed out in the big field in front of our house away from the street lights.

Sadly they saw only a few good "shooting stars" before falling asleep and when Papa went out at 4 o’ clock in the morning clouds had rolled in obsuring the view.  But they went back to sleep, if they ever really woke up and stayed in their crazy bed until Papa went back out around 7 o’ clock to pull them all back in close to the house.  What crazy guys!

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