Our stone at Fortaleza Academy

The dates are for year of graduation, except in my case.  94-5 stands for the years I taught at Fortaleza Academy.  Long ago we thought that someday the boys would all graduate from the school just like their Papa did.  Sadly they will never have that opportunity as the school property has been sold and the school will be closing down shortly.  Only William actually was able to be a student and only for one year – first grade.  We lived in Fortaleza at the time although over an hour away by car.  He never complained and got up early to catch his ride and waited patiently at the end of the day to come home.  He loved the school, his teacher, and especially the treehouse (his Papa made it).  Even Dalton and Greyson would whine and fuss just to go to the campus and be there after school and during the lunch hour to play with all the children.  Conferences there were always the best when we could go and spend a whole week at one time.

I could say more, but I’ll stop while still ahead.