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We are trying to get ready for a yard sale.  Now, yard sales aren’t something with which most Brazilians are real familiar.  I’ve had a few during our time in Brazil.  Sometimes it was mostly a give-it-away affair where invited guests from our church could come and rack up.  Once I said it was a pay per item and that all money would go to send ladies to our annual women’s conference.  We were able to send several ladies that year!  Since coming to Sobradinho, we’ve had one sale and called it a Toy Sale.  That’s basically what this is.  Saturday we are inviting friends and making sure they know that you have to bring money!  We are selling off old, but still good toys and lots of other items.  I imagine Brazilians don’t have yard sales, because they never have any thing of any value worth selling.  Most boys and girls just don’t have that many toys.   Even fairly well off families just don’t spend lots of money on toys.  Good quality toys are expensive here.  Super expensive and what is not expensive breaks in three days or less.  Most of our good toys came from the States so they are quality and my boys take care of everything.  That’s my second point as to why most families have nothing to sell – boys and girls here usually tear things up in a hurry.  That’s the sad facts.

We’re hoping for a good turn out and a good profit to buy some new shoes and maybe have a little left over for something new when we hit the Super Walmart later this year in North Carolina!

School’s going fine.  We are one chapter away from finishing our first book in Lyrical Life Science!  Boys will be working seriously on their American Personalities Lapbooks this week. 

We started the Brazilian passport process for the boys and looks like we can go pick them up next week.  I did have to pay my fine for my documents, but thankfully I didn’t have to pay now, it can be paid at a later date.

Take care!