I have spent a good deal of time this week messing with my template.  I even went so far as to can the whole thing and restart by downloading a new template which actually was the same old one that I had started out with in the very beginning.  At last I think I am happy and satisfied and went to show my boys today, and Voila! my 3 in a canoe had shrunk to an itty bitty image stuck in the left hand corner of the screen.  I don’t know what transpired there, but Hopefully it is now resolved and will stay that way.

Our week was good with lots of math and grammar.  I made a few long term assignments of things that must be done before December 17th such as, handwriting books, a critical thinking workbook (William), and a few reading assignments.  To incentive the termination of these workbooks and reading I offered the best reward available – hard cold cash!  We’ll see who doesn’t get finished now!

Today we began watching and reading the information on the You Are The Historian website offered by the Plimoth Plantation.  Check it out at You Are The Historian  You can download a zipped file of the whole interactive website and even teacher’s lesson plans.  The download took a little while since our Internet connection is rather slow but was well worth the wait as now we can see it whenever we so wish!  I had considered a Thanksgiving lapbook with research about the pilgrims, etc., but decided against it as our time is so short before we travel.

More next week!