For the next 15 school days we will be only working on Math, Math, and more math.  Doing my best to work on this subject which seems to be the worst for all my boys except for the little one who is some kind of math whiz.  We are keeping up with our Houghton Mifflin book work, doing accompanying worksheets and playing lots of School Zone Multiplication and Division computer games as well as using Quarter Mile math.  The boys have a few independent projects that are due this week.  William is still working on the big Thomas Edison book that Dalton read, but he may just have to tote it along on the airplane and read it in America!

We completed all the activities on Plimouth Plantation’s You Are the Historian interactive website last week just n time for Thanksgiving.  Check it out at

Today it looks like they may get the go-kart out for a last spin.  Everything we do is a "last time" event.  We went out for fried meat pies last night, since it would probably be the "last" time we could.  Sadly our favorite place was all sold out and the next place was incredibly busy with a big wait time.  When the "pasteis" (meat pies) finally arrived they were pretty puny!

Saturday was our "last" time at the outdoor Bible clubs.  The boys did a final puppet presentation and did a great job.

On a funny note, William has been hunting for his hat for days.  His Papa found it this morning down at the place where the big camp boat is being worked on.  It was on the head of a drunkard!  I’m not sure how Byron got it back, but I got the impression he simply removed it gently from the man’s head and brought it home.  We washed it.

The boys are a little concerned about their dogs while we’ll be away.  They’ve been paying special attention to them and trying to let them know that they will be missed and that soon we will all be back!

"Little Girl"
sitting in her favorite spot just outside the kitchen door