Go Kart Day!

The boys are off into the bush with their faithful go-kart this morning.  The afternoon was going to be too wild around here for them to go, so I graciously gave them the morning off from school to take one of their last big rides.  They took plenty of snacks and lots of water bottles in case they get lost in the wild!  or hungry!  or which ever comes first!

I’ll get them to make up their lost time tomorrow afternoon.

This is an old photo actually, but I just love it
with Grandaddy walking behind them
like a guardian angel making sure everything is alright!   
April 2007

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  1. Thanks for saying hi on my blog. Always fun to find other missionary moms that homeschool! I liked your post here about letting your kids take the morning off to do their go karting. We had a day like that yesterday. A kitty showed up in our garage and the rest of the day was about making friends with it, and going to town with Dad. 🙂 So worth it to do that sometimes!
    I am just thinking I'd like to somehow get a list going of other homeschooling missionary moms…maybe I can figure out how to add that to my sidebar as an extra friends list? Anyway, can I add you?
    Soon I want to post about a great new blog I have been enjoying…another missionary working in S.A., a really great place to find encouragement from other missionary women. So stop by my blog again soon to get the link.
    Have a great day!
    Libby in Peru

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