Byron and I had been checking out all the nearest snow tubing places for several days thinking we would have to bit the wooden nickel and put out some big dough to take the boys sledding.  We just figured the time for snow was up.  How were we to know that the Big Snow of the year would be this past weekend.  Reidsville must have gotten about 5 inches or so.  And it was cold!  Oh, cold!  Lucky for us since we had gone out Sunday night before coming home from a church service down in China Grove that morning and bought three cheap sleds.  Not too cheap, expensive enough that No Snow would have made Papa a very sad boy!  He’s not sad! 

The boys ended up being out of school Monday and Tuesday.  What a blast they had!  On Monday they played around the house and went down to the Chinqua-Penn Trail area for a bit.  Then in the afternoon we all went over to the Swifts’ house for some more sledding and some hot chocolate, too!  On Tuesday when school was called off again, we went over to Granny’s house in Eden for some sledding down in the old pasture.  Had to chase off the cows to get down the hill!  Greyson stayed out the longest of them all, perhaps because his feet seemed to be the driest when it was all said and done!  Byron’s mother even found an old wooden sled with runners.  It needed a little sanding and buffing and there had to be some packing down of the run way as well, but they all gave it a shot and had some extra fun before a good lunch.

And what a joy to be out of school for two whole days after my sad, sad day of sending off sad little boys this past week who didn’t want to go to school.  Isn’t God Awesome!  He took care of our little want and our little need with one great big Snow Storm.