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The boys got their report cards for the first nine weeks of school.  It was a little rough at first but they seem to be doing well and their report cards are clear evidence of this.

Bible                            96/A
Writing/ Composition    99/A+
English/Grammar         100/A+
Math                          89.7/B
Heritage Studies          100/A+
Science                         97/A
P.E.                              100/A+
Study Skills                  99/A+


Bible                            100/A+
Reading                         97/A
Spelling                        94/A
English/Grammar          100/A+
Math                            99/A+
Heritage Studies           100/A+
Science                         99/A+
P.E.                                    S
Computer                            S
Music                                 S
Spanish                               S

Bible                             A-
Reading                         B+
Spelling                         B
Penmanship                     S-
English/Grammar            A
Math                              A
Heritage Studies             A
P.E.                                 S
Computer                         S+
Music                              S
Spanish                            S

William is participating in a special drama clinic this next week at the school which will end in the presentation of a play.  We’ll let you know how that goes!