Book Review: A Father's Promise



A Father’s Promise
by:  Donna Lynn Hess
no. of pages:  250

A Father’s Promise is about Rudi Kaplan, a 12 year old Christian Jew, from Warsaw, Poland.  When Adolf Hitler started invading Europe Rudi didn’t think Hitler would ever get as far as Poland but when schools were closed, Rudi starts to change his mind.  After the city was bombed and surrendered, all Jews were treated very badly (sent off to work camps, starved and many other things).  When Rudi’s father finds out he is gong to be sent off to a work camp, he sends Rudi out to the forest to live with a friend’s brother, Oscar.  Rudi reluctantly goes with nothing but his father’s promise that they would be reunited after the war.  Rudi lives in the forest with Oscar for a          while.  While with him he had to learn how to live in the forest.  One day Oscar decided to leave to fight in the war and Rudi faced a decision, go with him or stay.  He decided to stay because he was afraid if he went and his father came back he might never be able to find him.  He lived in the forest for several years until the war ended.  Then he went to the city hoping his father would return.  After a few days his father returned and they lived happily.

I read this entire book.    
Dalton Atha


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