A Little Princess

By Francis Hodgson Burnett

Book Report   World Studies

Sara Crewe, the main character of A Little Princess, lives in India during the British Raj. Her mother died when she was a baby, but her rich soldier father makes up for her dead mother. He loves to hear Sara’s queer coments and point of views and they enjoy talking together.  Captain Crewes even calls her “my little misses’.  Sara reads lots of books, giving her an irregular knowledge and cleverness.

 Captain Crews brought his child up well and this was proven when they went to England so that Sara could begin boarding school.  Both Captain Crewe and Sara were sad to depart, but
the self-disciplined seven year-old knew it was necessary.
  Ms. Minchin, the director of the school, believed Sara to be a spoiled brat especially after she was told that Sara was to have anything she desired.  But Sara was anything but a spoiled brat. She was self-disciplined and had perfect manners, even during trouble. This and her imagination led the other children to call her a little princess. She told magnificent stories that even the older children wanted to hear. To some children, Sara was like a young mother,taking care of them and teaching them better than the other adults.

  Seeing this, Mrs.Minchin made Sara her show pupil, especialy when she heard of some abstruse murmurings about a vast fortune that Sara could possibly inherit.Wait!  There is more
to this story than meets the eye!
  Sara goes through some atrocious misfortunes but still manages to act like a “little princess with utter boldness.”  It is  because of this that this odd girl changes the lives of those around her.


William wrote this report about a read-a-loud one of his teachers did in class this past month.  He typed some of it and Mama typed some, too.  Of course, he had to do the final proofing before it was printed.