Whew!  I’ve been working on lists for days, weeks, forever!  I’m working on organizing and buying all the right things for my three students of the Atha School for Boys for the next four years!  I’ve downsized, crossed-off, and simply chunked numerous ideas and reworked what’s left a million times.  I’ve called the school secretary of the MK school in Brazil to discuss what’s going to become of all the books there with their eminent closing.  They were my primary source of books to read, use for research, and hard textbooks, not to mention some consumables for the past five years on the field.  I went to my first homeschool convention and was totally overwhelmed with all the good materials out there, and all the HIGH prices of most curriculums!  I’ve sat in front of a computer so much during the past two weeks that one of my legs is hurting behind my knee.  The pain reminds me to get up occasionally and get a drink of water and do some stretches and walk around a little.  I think I’m almost there!

   I’ve made one major purchase from Queen Homeschool Supplies
I encountered them at the homeschool convention I attended recently in Winston-Salem, NC.  I bought books for language and handwriting from this group.  I liked the cursive curriculum that incorporates art appreciation with the copywork.  I also purchased age appropriate language books for each boy.

   The remainder of what I will purchase will mostly come from Amazon and Christian Book Distributors .  We will be using Lyrical Life Science again.  We’re on Volume 2 – Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes.  This fall we will try something new with Apologia’s Around the World in 180 Days geography course.  The boys will also start compiling North Carolina notebooks to complete a required state history credit and because their mother wants them to know more about this wonderful state!  (I taught fourth grade for 5 years in North Carolina and did N.C. History with my classes.)  And we’ll be doing all that other good school stuff like spelling and math!

   Later this summer I will be posting some Wish List books that we will be needing a little ways down the road for any that might like to help support our schooling efforts on the mission field.  Right now I have an Amazon widget with a wish list of items I would like to take with me right now to the field to use in church.  Most of the items are from Bible Visuals and Child Evangelism Fellowship but can be seen by clicking on the widget at the bottom of this page.  These are new stories to use in the Bible clubs and children’s classes I teach.  If you would like to help me with this project, just don’t me a line for more complete mailing instructions. 

   We have tickets to leave for Brazil on August 22nd, but I have felt the pressure of time to take care of all this as we get ready to move up to Springs of Life Camp shortly to help with their summer camping program.  It is most probable that my research and shopping time will be limited in the days to come.

   Please pray for us as we work at the camp this summer and as we get ready to bid farewell to family.  My brother and his wife are leaving for their first term of missionary service sometime at the end of June or beginning of July.  This will make for a hard summer, but a happy time of rejoicing in seeing how God has led in their lives and will use them and their 3 boys in the Lord’s harvest in Southern Brazil.

Take care!

And Thank you!