Sounds like a travel brochure for some mountainous state…?

This past week was a wild one on the homeschool front.  We were on the island from Thursday – Monday.  We actually did all of our school work on Thursday before leaving out around 11 am.  On Friday we enjoyed walking around the island again, having been away for almost nine months.  Not much has changed, although the boys were excited to see the colt that was born just after we left for the States.  Everything is very dry right now and the weather was fairly hot over the weekend.  There wasn’t much work to be done before the campers arrived as the caretaker and his wife already had the cabins cleaned out and the kitchen set up.  The boys helped with the set-up of the zip-line and got the kayaks and peddleboats all in place.  I asked each boy to bring a good book to read over the weekend during the down times.  My oldest came with a fully equipped bookbag with colored pencils, drawing books, two or three books to read, a notebook.  My middle son had his Carving from Found Wood book and his carving tools.  He spent a lot of time searching the beach for unique pieces of drift wood.  Much of which came home with us!  It’s enough to last a good while!  The little one seemed to forget about his books, although I do believe they were somewhere in his hotwheels backpack.  He spent most of his free time digging in the sand in his special hideaway sand fort place.  Me, the mother-teacher, used the time to plan for my newest ministry venture which starts tomorrow – an English Bible Club/Sunday School class.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow!  I also read from the Bible and got well caught up on my devotional reading.  I read from two other books, one by Thomas Kinkade and one by Dr. John Grey.

We did begin with our Lyrical Life Science which is book #2 of the series.  The boys were tickled as they had just watched a John Wayne war movie which included a rendoring of the Marine Hymn and the Marine Hymn is the music for the first song on this new compact disc!  I’ve already heard each boy singing the words to our latest song over the weekend.  I really enjoy Lyrical Science series and highly recommend for those with multiple age level households.  My oldest commented over the last school semester which we spent in the States and during which the boys studied in a Real School that the Lyrical Science songs helped him a lot during his science class and that he knew much more than the other students.  Who knows?  But it works for me!

Have a great week!  This week I am still in the planning process for the start of our North Carolina State unit which will be our history for this school year.  I have two text books and a source book as well as a wide range of experience in the area having taught fourth grade in North Carolina for four years and hosting the annual Raleigh trips during that time.  I hope that this can be a good connection for my boys with their somewhat adopted U.S. state!

P.S.  I played in the sand with this one.  Looked at stars while laying in the sand on the beach with the middle one late one night.  And I took time to converse with the oldest several times during our retreat weekend and sat with him during the services.