This week in review…

First we started our NC History Scrapbook project.  Of course, this had to coincide with a lack of Internet access for two days.  Bum, bum, bum, bum!  Our work revolves around a Squidoo Lens I made with links and a checklist for the boys to use.  So back to the starting block went I.  We did some other activities, skipped one day, had two sick boys on another day and tried to make up for it when the net came back.  It wasn’t the incredible start for which I had hoped, but there’s always next week and I’m in no big hurry.

Dalton finally got a "hay" bale and started refining his archery technique this week with his new bow.  The bale is actually made out of banana leaves.  The idea came from a missionary uncle in a nearby town who helped rig up a device to attach a Whisker biscuit to the bow.  Thanks, Certain Uncle!  It works and Dalton spends a little time each day target shooting.  He also spends a good part of the time looking for lost arrows.  Papa helped solve that with a little neon orange spray paint!  The boys sprayed a little orange and a little white on to the shaft of each black arrow!

This week was the D-Week to start music practice every day.  D is on the clarinet, W has a Guiii-tar, and G is on the recorder until his keyboard arrives with the fellow from Virginia who is supposed to be coming to visit us sometime this term, actually sometime this fall!  G is working his way through the songs in our Lyrical Life Science book and doing very well.  W has been working with a CD and a book for sometime and is getting closer to a public performance.  D discovered that his book has a CD, too, and if you use it, you can really make progress!  Imagine that!  And so, he is, making progress that is!  Me, all the noise, I mean music can be a little overwhelming, but I haven’t popped in my purple earplugs yet.  I have banned crazy noises for no good reason and practicing in the kitchen.

Here’s a few odd pictures from this week!  See ya!

Paddle Boat testing

Thought for the week: 
If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem.  Everything else is inconvenience.  ~Robert Fulghum