The Moans:

Oh, Mama! 
Why do we have to do this? 
This will take forever! 
Argh, I can’t do THAT! 
This is taking forever!
Why do people have to go to school anyway?
When can children stop going to school?

The Groaning Answers:
Oh, Son!
Right now!
It might, better get with it!
Oh yes you can and will!
I already answered that one once!
When they want to get an 8 – 5 job that pays money!

This week was a week of moaning, or so it seemed!  First it was, Do we really have to fill in this map with the 100 counties of North Carolina and then color each one a different color.  Then it was, The map is toooo little and the county names won’t fit.  But everyone did it and each little county has a name and a color!  Imagine that!

Sometimes the best laid plans of mothers and curricula "Gang aft agley."  Or if you prefer, "Often go awry."  What’s a teacher who is the mother, too, to do!  Crying is nice, but doesn’t usually change much when it comes to dealing with boys.  Sometimes it is effective.  Screaming isn’t very good, especially when you have close neighbors who already wonder why in the world your children don’t GO to school.   Seems patience and persistence is the key.  About the counties, I did enlarge the map, Twice!  But then when the mumbling continued, I said – Git it done!  (GIT is for emphasis, by the way, when studying North Carolina History). 

At least there is No Math Friday to keep us moving to the end of each week.  Having no math one day a week gives us one day to have fast school work and one day to catch up on other things, if need be.  It’s great and the boys are really enjoying it.  So Mama’s not such a Wicked Witch on Fridays!  Hmmm… for one day a week they like their teacher.  They better love their mother everyday!

Later, ya’ll!
(That’s a translation for "Tchau, tchau

What boys would rather do besides school work!