A 7 cm scorpion!  This is my desk chair in my bedroom.  I brushed by it on my way to my bed with a book as the boys were watching a DVD in another room.  Just as I got comfortable out of the corner of my eye I saw someone run across the top of my chair.  Wow!  When I realized what it was I was shocked.  What in the world was a scorpion doing on top of my chair!  And that big, too!  Seems it must have been on a table which was up against a wall just under a window.  The scorpion must have climbed in waltzed across the table and jumped onto the chair.  Can you imagine my thrill if I’d chosen to sit at my desk for a bit before going to bed?

Yikes!  Needless to say I hollared for help!  I wasn’t about to get off the bed!  Everyone came with me in my pajamas.  Everyone, husband, sons, houseguest!  They took pictures, measured it, talked about it, and took their own good time trying to decide what to do with it!  What a relief when they, all of them, and the bug were gone and I could get back to my book!

Our youngest was bit or stung, I should say, by a slightly smaller scorpion about 3 years ago.  The pain was horrible on the location and his tongue went numb for about an hour.  It was rather scary, but he was fine after a while.  No, there’s no where to go to do anything about it, just be happy and do what you can.

What fun!  I’m paying more attention to where I step this week!

p.s.  We don’t have a cat!