Two retreats down this month and we are back to work again in the Atha School for Boys.  Actually this last week we did school work during the retreat each morning.  But good quality work can only be done at home and in the school room.  Sadly we have been out of our school room for about three months.  We have had a house guest from the States since early November.  The school room was the best place for our guest to stay, but it has not been easy for teacher and students.  One of the things I like about homeschooling is flexibility.  The being able to take our work and go places is a sweet convenience.  But quality, hearty work needs stability and resources.  Our work on the island helps us to not get too far behind but it is seldom "good" work.  It will be nice to be back into our classroom next week, even if the boys miss our guest!

This week we are getting back into all subjects and music lessons.  So much fun!  We have a lot of work to do on our NC Scrapbook Project  but little by little we will get it done before the school year is out.  Tomorrow we start a new chapter in Lyrical Life Science.  And of course, there always Saxon Math to work on!  I sure am thankful for the Dive CD’s I got for the two big boys!  It was a great investment!

Here are a couple of good pics from the most recent retreat out on Treasure Island:

Take care!