The Big Buggy Project Begins:

One of the boys’ favorite piranha fishing missionary uncles is helping them to build a new buggy.  Their old buggy was a gift from this very man several years ago, but the boys were starting to grow out of it!  So for a super very special Christmas gift/project this MK uncle is going to help the boys build a new and bigger one.

This past week the boys went to the next city over from our little town to said "uncle’s" house to begin stripping down this old VW Bug that will be the base of the new car.  As often as they can the boys will be going into town to work and hopefully LEARN something.  It can be fun, but we got to have some learning going on, too!  And I’m sure there will be!

Stay tuned for more updates about the new vehicle as the weeks go by.  Just look in the newest entry category – Buggy Project!