William Helping with Dog Trimming

   It’s been super hot this past month.  Papa got the bright idea that it might be nice to give Blackie a trim.  His hair has gotten really long.  It tends to attract lots of stickers and burrs.  He’s always panting, and his fur is always loftily floating in the wind and in the house.  So with lots of help I proceeded.  It took a long time.  Blackie was fine with the whole process as long as someone was petting him.  We found out that Blackie could be petted for more than an hour and still want more.  The poor dog didn’t look like a poodle straight from the doggie beauty parlor when we were done, but he did seem happier and cooler.  Most importantly there seems to be less fur flying around. 

  Recently William, the "always thinking of something" child, wanted to now what electives he could take when his homeschool high school career starts next year.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to accomplish this high school/homeschool task.  I seem to remember reading somewhere to design electives based on the things of which your child already has an interest and aptitude.  I’ve thought of a list, son.  Here goes:

Digital Photography (take pics at retreats and edit for the website)
Sheep Raising (island flock)
Dog Training (teach Blackie and Girl some more tricks)
Sailing (Papa wants to teach you this soon)
Portuguese (grammar work)
Small Engine Repair (buggy, go-kart)
Bicycle Repair (to make all that work count for something)
Rescue Swimming (you did well saving that babydoll at the Carnaval Retreat)
Home Economics (more sweeping and dishes)
Puppetry (need to work on some new skits)
Music Conducting (might as well make those Wednesday nights count)
Expository Preaching (when Papa is away so Mama won’t have to do the preaching)
Cartooning (learn some real techniques)
Drafting (improve what you are already designing)
Geocaching/Orienteering (to help when you go out looking for things in the mato)
Wilderness Survival (for when you get lost while looking for things in the mato)
Driver’s Education (well, maybe this one can wait until you go back to the States for college)
Landscaping (learn how to trim those church bushes into neat animal shapes)