Fevers and colds in the tropics?  Can people in hot places get sick?  Oh, yes!  Many people in Brazil think if you sit on a bench that’s been warmed by the sun, even if it’s no longer in the sun, but still warm, you might get a cold!  If you take a shower in water that has been warmed in your water box by the sun, WOE is you!  That’s sure fire way to get sick.  Recently a lady told me that she had been really bothered by her allergies lately because of washing the dishes in the middle of the afternoon when the tap water was super hot from, you know what, the sun!  On the other hand another mother told me that her child was sick this week because it had been super hot outside and the child insists on drinking cold water at school from the water fountain. Some Brazilians believe that drinking really cold water when it’s really hot can make you sick.

Two of my boys are sick – I wonder where they’ve been sitting?  Have they been taking bathes in that hot tap water straight from the water box on our roof.  (I love it when the tap water runs warm, since we do not have a hot water heater.)  Or have they been drinking cold water in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is so hot?  Nah, I think they picked it up from a boy that should have been at church on Sunday who had a cold!

We had a limited school day on Wednesday as a result.  We worked on some scissor and glue lapbook activities to go with our Lyrical Life Science studies.  Today the two little ones who are sick just laid around and didn’t do anything.  This gave the oldest time to finally finish his North Carolina lighthouse drawing that was due some time ago.  It’s completion had alluded him since one drawing was stepped on by a dog with a muddy paw, another got torn up in frustration and this final one has taken a long time to get just right.  It’s almost done!  He also did some extra reading in N.C. History that the others are not required to do.

And life goes on!  Get well soon, Dalton and Greyson!           

Take care!