It’s Spring in the States and hearing about it makes it feel a little like Spring here, even though it’s super hot and been rather dry lately. It did try to rain on Sunday, just a little sprinkling to make the dust settle! Ah, but my little garden project is getting under way. I “cleared” my plot several weeks ago and planted one little section with some flower seeds given to me by a friend. The seeds have sprouted and are starting to grow. Can’t wait to see the flowers! I’ve been watering and weeding. My other space will soon receive its seeds. There were so many weeds, I decided to wait a little and see what would pop up after all the hoeing and pulling I did.
One of personal goals for this year is to do more reading to help me in my own life. So many times as a homeschooling mother there seems to be no time for my own desires and hopes.  It’s not easy, but I’m grabbing little moments of time here and there throughout the day to read.  In February I read The Emotionally Destructive Relationship by Leslie Vernick. I’m almost done rereading it. I read quickly the first time and this time I’m going back and reading all the verses referenced by the author. Even if you don’t think you are involved in a destructive relationship, I highly recommend the book. Oddly enough while reading it during a retreat on the island, a local pastor asked me why I was reading such a book. I’m sure he thought that my marriage was the destructive relationship which I was looking to fix. Without missing a beat, I replied to help me see how to deal with the destructive people in my life! I have already learned much from the book and began to utilize the principles in my daily happenings.  It’s not just about the marriage relationship.  It’s about all the relationships in a person’s life.  I’ve recently made some decisions to “shake off the dust” and move on where some are concerned.  I can still pray for those people and hope for their best, but I have to get going where God has directed me.
Recently I started reading another book.  This one is by Beth Moore – Breaking Free! Another great book! I’m on Chapter 6 entitled “To Experience God’s Peace.” I’ve felt for sometime that I needed a jolt of revival in my spiritual life. This book already has me motivated!  I love the emphasis on memorizing the verses she emphasizes in the book. 

I’m also really excited to have just received my first book from Booksneeze, a book review website. For free you can get books in the mail by agreeing to review them on a blog. I’ve waited months for my first book to get to me here in Brazil and had almost given up. It took 3 months to get here!  The book I ordered is called Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God. What a title! It’s by Sheila Walsh. I started the first chapters and can’t wait to read the whole thing. I’m in a quandry as to whether I should finish Breaking Free or go ahead with Beautiful Things? I’ll decide soon!

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