I was so glad to finally receive my first Booksneeze book on Monday of this week.  Seems the poor book went around the world before it got to me.  From what I can tell from the stickers on the package, it went to Sweden, only to be returned as undeliverable mail to Thomas Nelson Publishers in the States, and then someone wrote BRAZIL under the big address!  Nonetheless it made it and I’ll check out my address before I order another book!

I read this book in three days time! Probably could have read it faster, except for my normal workload!  I was actually reading two other books when this one arrived as alluded to in my last post.   I decided to put the others aside when I saw how quickly I could read Beautiful Things. I found it to be an easy read although the topic at hand is not simple or easy in the least. The theme of the whole book is placing one’s complete trust in God. The author thought she had, but realized that she was confident in her own good works and not in the One Good Work of Christ on the cross. After an emotional breakdown, the author began to look for how to restore her own trust in the All-Loving God. 

I especially appreciate the author’s gleanings from Bible characters and how she relates each one to the task at hand – building trust in God. I found the book refreshing and teaching in a non-complicated, conversational manner. Sheila Walsh, the author, does not condemn, she merely wishes to see each daughter of the King in that special loving, trust relationship that can exist between God and you, and me!

I would definitely recommend this book to all Christian women who feel out of touch with their loving Creator God! Read the passages that go along with each Biblical character to help get a better understanding. And pray as you read!  Certainly a second reading at a slower pace to ingest all the material wouldn’t be a bad idea as well!

I’m thankful to have received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review website – Booksneeze