We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the 2009-2010 school year here at the Atha School for Boys.  It’s always kind of exciting and sort of overwhelming as I – director, teacher, mother – contemplate all the things left to do and all the things I wonder if we should have done!  So last month I put the most important of all our tasks right on the big calendar near the dining room table.  Math, Language, Copy Work, and Vocabulary all follow a normal pattern – do the next lesson!  Our Science work is a lesson by lesson activity with a few lapbook items thrown in here and there.  N.C. History seemed to be the biggest hindrance to finish our work on time and the most complicated.  So I went to the big checklist on  my favorite Squidoo Lens (www.squidoo.com/ncscrapbookplans) and just starting writing down the last things to be accomplished on the calendar.

I did this back in February just before March started.  Woo Hoo!  I’m giving up on lesson plan books and buying a super big paper calendar for our class room for next year!  We have been moving right along with all my notations and deadlines!  The boys still have to work on some book reports that were to be done yesterday, but that’s the only thing we lack for the month of April.  We’ll take care of that first thing Monday morning!

All the boys are close to finishing their Saxon Math, Queen Homeschool Language, Lyrical Life Science.  William is working on his famous American quotes copywork still.  Dalton has a bit to go in his Zaner-Bloser Vocabulary book and Greyson is finishing up his last entries in his daily journal for the year. 

Today is another Brazilian Holiday!  They like to celebrate!  It’s May Day or International Worker’s Day.  Everyone is off work and most all the stores around all closed.  Yesterday we went to the Big City for the boys to do a little work on their new super go-kart and for Mama (that’s me!) to buy groceries.  Sadly the stores were so full of people who had started their holiday a little early and stocking up for the rest of the weekend, that it was not a great day for shopping for a month’s worth of supplies.  I did, oops, Mama did find some things that can’t be had here in our little town, but I wasn’t able to fill the two coolers that I wanted to fill with meat.

Thankfully I can get some good meat here in town, just not all the little special things I like.  Such is Life!  And on we go! 

Papa left out this morning with a small group of people that wanted to go out to the island today, being a holiday.  I chose to stay home and have my own holiday.  I usually clean the house on Saturdays, but I think I’ll just do a fast break cleaning up and leave the rest for some day next week!  William and Greyson went with Papa, but D wasn’t feeling so great so he’s home with me for the day. 

That’s about it on the homefront for this week. 

Take care!