On Saturday, May 15th, Homeschoolblogger is starting the process to change its overall operating system to a new format by migrating all blogs to WordPress.  All of my posts and archives should work normally but for some time my blog will not look the same.  The top banner with Atha School for Boys and over changes that I have made to my page will not transfer.  It will take some time for me to personalize my page again.  Please be understanding and bear with me during this transition.  I hope to be able to get things back in order in a timely fashion.  Living in the middle of nowhere with internet by radio will not make the process easy, but I will do my best to have things all fixed up a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your understanding,


  1. Well, well, if I can’t post – I can place comments on my own blog! Ha ha! Still waiting patiently to see when I can make changes to my new/old blog. Hoping this is all going to work out well. If not it will go the way of my old Yahoo 360! blog – private and just for me. That would be sad. Should have figured out how to print my blog to a book form before the big changes this weekend.


  2. I think everything is coming together.The old photos and new cause me to want to come on down. I think I may even miss that old Black dog. Can he still jump high?

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