William guiding horse

This past weekend we were out at the Treasure Island Camp where Papa is the director.  We had about 50 people from a church in a nearby state.

All the boys participate during retreats with certain responsibilities.  During this retreat William helped with the horse, zip-line and learned a little about belaying people on the new climbing tower.

Dalton also helped with the horse and donkey cart, archery and some with the climbing tower.  Greyson has fewer jobs since he is the youngest, but enjoys riding the tractor around during baggage pick-up time and helping load baggage on the boat.

Dalton searches for customers on the beach
New climbing tower
Watching Brazil vs. Ivory Coast World Cup game

This retreat fell on a World Cup Brazil game day.  Sunday was the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast game.  Brazilian can’t go without seeing a World Cup game, so Papa had to figure out a way for everyone to see the game.  We actually bought a satellite dish and took out to the island to have signal to see the game.  We set up our video projector in the one of the boys’ cabins with the tractor running to provide electricity through a convertor.  It worked and everyone including our three enjoyed the game.

We will be out on the island again this weekend.

Take care,