I’ve read about people having their first day of homeschool as a no-work day.  I’ve heard about families having a special party or going to a zoo for a special back to school field trip.  But I must admit, I  had never heard of anyone having one week of school and then going on vacation!  Yet that’s exactly what we just did.

My husband had been contacted some time ago about speaking at a church in a city where we worked some years ago.  When we made the plans some months back we anticipated having started school several weeks before the trip.  Alas the best laid plans of little mice and silly men are often all messed up – but we needed to go and we took advantage of the speaking engagement to stay for a week in the area enjoying the beach and seeing old friends.

Next week it will be back to work, back to the books, and back to normal!  Well, almost normal, as normal as we can be!

Here are a few photos of our time away…