Rubber Tree

My youngest son and I went to another state recently to meet up with his paternal grandmother and another American lady who were coming down for a visit.  We spent two days in the city of Belem, Para.  While there we took two different tours.  We took a boat tour on one of our days in the city of Belem.  Our guide was a biologist who told us all about the jungle trees and plants.  He also gave us a wonderful study on buzzards and all their incredible characteristics.

His name was Paulo.  While on the boat he explained a lot about the rivers that make up the Amazon Basin near Belem and the types of plants that grow along the banks.

Ver-o-Peso Fish Market

Butterfly House, Mangal das Garcas Park

We spent about an hour or so at a beautiful new park in Belem called the Heron Grove.  It has a butterfly/hummingbird house in the middle as well as a refuge for rare birds.  Birds that have been confiscated from illegal traders trying to export them to other countries are kept in a special net covered area until they can be released. Our tour guide also showed us around the market place, a famous cathedral, a rock and mineral museum and a fort.

Meeting People in the Interior

After spending three days and two nights in the large city of Belem, we headed out to two interior cities nearby.  In each city we visited with old friends of the boys’ grandfather who had worked in the area in the 1980’s.  Granny A was glad to find many familiar faces still living in each of the two cities we visited.

Our trip took a total of seven days.  Granny A and her friend from NC  came back with us to Sobradinho to spend one more week before heading back to the States. We were glad to get home and will be getting into a full week of school work now that our two guests have gone home.

W and D did well and completed the school work that I assigned.  We were also surprised to come home to a wonderfully cleaned house.  W and D along with Papa spent a whole day getting things in order for our arrival.  The house was well swept, mopped and dusted.

We were happy to receive some new books from some family friends and a church ladies group.  Granny A graciously brought them down in her luggage for the boys.

Take care!