This morning we officially started our Apologia Physical Science books.  Friday was our orientation day.  We learned how to go about reporting in our lab books and read the first few introductory pages of the book.  Papa man was conducting speed tests with the island’s wind generator on Friday and suggested that the boys go along with their new lab books to write down the facts of his experiments.  All three did a good job; each one in a slightly different style!

Today we did the first experiment in the book.  It involved passing a low electrical current (9 volt battery) with copper wire through a baking soda water solution.  It worked!  But our water did not change colors.  According to the book, it might should have?  Maybe it’s the bad water from Brazilian faucets?

Nonetheless we had a good morning.  All of us got up late.  Mondays are by far the hardest day of the week around here.  Our Saturdays and Sundays are full with ministry activities.  This morning all the boys were sleeping in and I just like them do it.  After a good, but late, breakfast, I suggested a “deal.”  I said if they would sweep and mop the living room (regular chore for them), clean up their room and help with the back yard work in the afternoon, that I would let them go after the science experiment.

They thought it was a good plan and got the living room and their room all cleaned up while I could the breakfast dishes off the table and things set up for the science experiment.

Isn’t homeschool fun!  Got some decorations up for the upcoming holidays.  Long ago a dear missionary lady told me that one thing she always looks for on furloughs is seasonal and holiday decorations.  She said that decorating the house for the different American holidays was important to help the children know what was happening in the States in spite of the warm, tropical temps in Brazil!  So I try to do just that in my home…

Kitchen Table Centerpiece

In the Kitchen

Seasonal things to hunt for while on Furlough –

pot holders

kitchen towels

paper napkins

center pieces



wall hangings

small knick knacks

small scented candles

*Check it out!  Free Paper Decorations for Thanksgiving: