p.s. My eyes were goofy, so I "fixed" them!
Maybe I should find some new eyes for Dalton, too!
We're just a bunch of eyeless people!

November has come and gone and December is knocking on the door.  It’s knocking and calling out – Hey!  When are you going to decorate your tree and put some lights up?  Well, I still have a few days left of November to finish first, Mr. December, so hold on!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with some missionary friends in a nearby city.  We opted for a different kind of menu this year with a pork shoulder and some baked beans as our main dishes.  Corn bread, salad, carrots and corn rounded out the meal with cashew pie, pumpkin pie and cherry pie (had a pie filling on hand from the States) for dessert.

Seems we were a tired bunch with all of our eyes closed in these few photos, but we were a happy group nonetheless.  Boys did some work on their buggy while there as well as played chess and Phase Ten.  We got home late and slept in a little on Black Friday.  Of course, both days are just normal days in Brazil with the world running around like usual oblivious to our feasting and holiday fun.

Yesterday I sat down with each boy and went over what I hope each one can accomplish before our Christmas break.  We set the deadline and I indicated that there were several days free for Christmas shopping and unexpected items which would give them plenty of time to get it all done.  I have read about having a “weekly interview” with your homeschool high schoolers and have found this “meeting” time occasionally to be very beneficial.

So December, you can come now – we are almost ready!