War is a world war, battle, army game where the goal of the game is to complete an objective card that tells you what you must conquer to win the game.  Here are some instructions on how to play War Junior.

First take turns putting a piece on every territory until they are all taken .
Then shuffle the  cards, give one to everyone. The cards are objective cards.  You must do as they say to win the game.  Take turns placing three pieces on any of your territories.  You may distribute them however you like as long as you only put them on your territories and don’t put more then three total.
After everyone has done, you may attack.  Roll the dice.  The highest number wins.  If there is a tie, the defense wins. You may also place missile bases on you territories in the beginning of your turn.  They may attack anything they can reach using the distance indicator.  Use the missile die to attack.  If blank, you lose your turn.  If not, take one army from your target.

War Junior is cool game that I enjoy playing.  I hope you enjoy it, too.