Getting my ducks in a row for making my orders for the next school year.  I have to order early to allow for shipping and visitors coming who can bring things down!  Nice visitors!  Want to come and see me?

Here are my ideas and plans so far…

One Year Adventure Novel

Amsco World History  (This will be a reading along class.  I already have two of these and lots of great things that a friend sent me this past year.  We will supplement our learning with projects, reports and lapbooks.)

Jenney’s First Year Latin  (I have two and maybe one workbook.  Also have the cassette tapes which my dear husband has put on cd’s.)

Biology 101 (I have a small text book that is good but this will be useful as well.  I’m not too worried about dissections as we see dead animals and live ones all over on a regular basis, not to mention cleaning fish.  Maybe the boys can help the island caretaker with some of the sheep butcherings or cleaning moco.)

Saxon Geometry with DIVE cd – William (Must order.)

Saxon Algebra 1 with DIVE cd – Dalton (Just need the workbooks.)

Saxon Math 7/6 with DIVE cd – Greyson (Just need the workbooks.)

Easy Grammar 6, 9, 10 (Will get from

Evan Moor Daily Handwriting Practice – Dalton and Greyson
(???  Still looking for something good here.  I like Queens Homeschool copywork, but the boys hate it, and both of these boys still need practice.)

If you have used any of these items in my list and have any thoughts at all – good or bad, just make a comment below.  Some things I have not ordered yet and there is always room for change.   Thanks!